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    Hi, I’m JD. (I’m webmaster of this site) and my quit smoking story was simple yet difficult at the same time. I quit smoking in 2000. I was a typical social smoker for more than 15 years mostly while drinking beer or alcohol but I did smoke on other occasions. My life and health seemed to be ok but I knew that I should quit smoking to prolong my life and prolong my relationship with my girlfriend since my girlfriend said she did not want to kiss me anymore with cigarette breathe – so I knew I needed to quit to keep the relationship alive.

    Another reason I wanted to quit smoking was I became a “born again” Christian and I thought that smoking cigarettes was not honoring God by abusing my God-given life and the blessing of having a healthy body that was also the temple of the Holy Spirit.

    So I quit in 2000 by going “cold turkey.” It took me 1-3 “cold turkeys” tries to stop but I finally did it! I used shear will power to quit and some personal psychology. I said to myself, “Self we need to quit smoking. So I know that I could easily go to the convenient store down the street and buy a pack of Marlboro Lights and smoke a cig. BUT I CHOOSE NOT TO DO THAT AND I REFUSE TO GIVE IN TO MY URGES AND TEMPTATIONS!” I also prayed to God to help deliver me from my addiction to nicotine and the nervous addiction of “flicking” my figure such as to flick the ashes off the end of my burning cigarette.

    So I hope my quit story helps and encourages you to also quit smoking.

    Thanks for reading my quit story. I wish all of you much success in quitting.



    PS. A good friend of mine still smokes but he has “cut back” dramatically by using Fresh Filters on the tips of his cigarette filter. He said it really helps him reduce all the chemical crap that a cigarette filter doesn’t filter.

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