Smoking Facts

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Smoking Facts – What’s the Deal with Smoking?

how-to-quit-cigarette-flame-icon20   Most people try to quit smoking seven times before they succeed.
how-to-quit-cigarette-flame-icon20   Smoking is an addiction because of Nicotine a cancer-causing addictive drug.
how-to-quit-cigarette-flame-icon20   Cigarettes are considered “Nicotine delivery” products by Tobacco companies. That’s what they called cigarettes in secret research papers offered to a US Congressional investigation on Tobacco.
how-to-quit-cigarette-flame-icon20   Cigarette companies load each regular cigarette with over 20x the Nicotine needed to keep you addicted.

Pack a Day Smokers Spend Over $1,500.00 a Year on “Cheap” Cigarettes.

how-to-quit-cigarette-flame-icon20   Smoking related diseases include Heart disease.
how-to-quit-cigarette-flame-icon20   Second-Hand smoke accounts for approx. 300,000 cases of bronchitis and pneumonia in Infants under 18 months each year.
how-to-quit-cigarette-flame-icon20   Children of smokers are 2x more likely to smoke.
how-to-quit-cigarette-flame-icon20   More U.S. Men (23.4%) smoke than Women (18.5%).
how-to-quit-cigarette-flame-icon20   There are about 44.5 million smokers in the U.S. or 20.9% of all Americans.
how-to-quit-cigarette-flame-icon20   Smoking declined 40% from 1965 to 1990 but since 1990 it has remained the same.


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